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Out with the Old!


It’s time to start the New Year and new decade off right. For a limited time, when you trade in your old David Clark passive headset for a new Sierra or Zulu 3, you can get an instant rebate for up to $200! 

You know that the performance and advanced features of our headsets will transform your flying experience. Now’s the time to upgrade your DC passive headset to the most preferred, most awarded ANR headset on the market.

Join the thousands of pilots who’ve made the switch to the comfort and safety of ANR.

February 7th through March 9th 2020

Come see us at Aircom Avionics!


Great product! Compared the other top two or three competitors, hands down my Zulu 3s were the best solution for me.



Private pilot






LIGHTSPEED announces a conversion option for all Zulu.2 headset owners. Lightspeed will take your Zulu.2 headset and add the new performance ear seals, the new Kevlar-reinforced cable, a new control box, and even add the extra 2 year warranty, for a total 7 years, all for $200.  It's a great deal, turning an already great headset into the most comfortable, most durable headset they have ever made.  Contact their customer service team at 800-332-2421 or better yet give us a call!

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