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Garmin Spring Portables Rebate

Now through May 28, 2021

Garmin is pleased to announce customer rebates on some of our most popular portable products! Encompassing the aera® portables, GDL® 50/51/52 receivers, and the D2™ Delta watch series, this promotion is just in time for spring flying and airshow season. To qualify you will need to purchase at least one of the eligible products below from a Garmin dealer from April 12, 2021 through May 28, 2021. A completed copy of the rebate form must be submitted to Garmin by June 30, 2021.


Product Rebate Amount:

aera 760           $100
aera 660            $50
D2 Delta PX     $75
D2 Delta           $75
D2 Delta S        $75
GDL 50             $50
GDL 51            $100
GDL 52            $100


Great product! Compared to the other top two or three competitors, hands down my Zulu 3s were the best solution for me.



Private pilot

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